Want to work in the jewellery industry? In Singapore and abroad, trained jewellery designers need to understand their customers, and produce contemporary, fashionable designs, but also need to be able to confidently communicate with their clients and convey the excitement and value of the jewellery they produce.

The JDMIS Fine jewellery design programme gives you the skills and knowledge to excel as a fine jewellery designer!

Become a Fine Jewellery Designer

In today's competitive jewellery industry, the only way to excel is through unique and saleable design. No longer can a jewellery designer work independently of the manufacturer and retailer; successful designers understand their materials and gems, know about style, trends and fashion, and must produce stunningly beautiful, but also wearable, commercially practical jewels.

By becoming a Certified Fine Jewellery Designer, take the reigns to a creative and diverse career in the jewellery field.

With great emphasis on experiential learning, graduates have knowledge, style and a complete professional portfolio to highlight their broad range of design competencies. Detailed projects leave graduates confident and primed for success.

Certified Fine Jewellery Designers:

  • work as designers in the jewellery industry
  • enter and win International competitions
  • provide freelance design consultations
  • design jewellery before making it themselves
  • develop their own brands and jewellery lines

Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design consists of the following modules:

Traditional Fine Jewellery Design Diploma components

  • JD100 - Traditional Fine Jewellery Design - Foundation

    JD100 - Traditional Fine Jewellery Design - Foundation

    Traditional Jewellery Design trainingIn order to be a great designer, you must understand thetechnical aspects of accurate drawing and drafting as well asmaster the techniques to quickly applying creative variationsto existing shapes and designs. Starting with foundationtechniques and essential jewellery knowledge, progress toproducing fast, creative sketches and accurate top, side andend view drawings of beautiful, durable, practical jewellery.

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  • JD150 - Traditional Fine Jewellery Design - Advanced

    JD150 - Traditional Fine Jewellery Design - Advanced

    Traditional Jewellery Design trainingAccurate drawings are often not enough to convey the beautyand mystique of a design to a customer or client. Learnprofessional shading techniques to create depth inmonochromatic designs, and full-colour rendering methodsto produce spectacular, life-like illustrations. Gain theconfidence to guide and design to customer specificationswhile they watch your ideas come to life.

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Digital Fine Jewellery Design Diploma components

  • JD200 - Digital Fine Jewellery Design - Foundation

    JD200 - Digital Fine Jewellery Design - Foundation

    Digital Jewellery Design trainingDevelop skills in the latest technologies in jewellery designusing industry-leading computer aided jewellery designsoftware by Gemvision. Design highly accurate 3D modelsthat include gemstones and findings, then render thesedesigns in photo-realistic quality as 2D images, videos orinteractive programs. Learn about other jewellery tools on themarket and how they compare.

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  • JD250 - Digital Fine Jewellery Design - Advanced

    JD250 - Digital Fine Jewellery Design - Advanced

    Digital Jewellery Design trainingThis course begins with an introduction to the latesttechnologies in jewellery prototyping including equipment,techniques and services. Learn to produce jewellery designfiles ready for manufacture and how best to use servicebureaus to cost-effectively manufacture accurate, stunningjewellery. As the final course in the FJD programme, you willsketch, design, model, render and produce your final project.

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Diploma core components

  • HS100 - Epic Jewellery and Contemporary Trends

    HS100 - Epic Jewellery and Contemporary Trends

    history of jewellery productionFrom prehistory to the present day, the significant periods of jewellery design are presented in order to gain knowledge and inspiration from the past. See how certain themes,materials and patterns repeat themselves and how World famous jewellers capitalize on these cycles. Today's fashion trends are also covered as well as how jewellery designers can prepare themselves for future trends.

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  • GM100 - Gem and Jewellery Trade Secrets

    GM100 - Gem and Jewellery Trade Secrets

    gemmology trainingAppreciate the rarity of the precious elements used in jewellery: Learn gemstone classification systems and how coloured gemstones, diamonds and pearls are valued and sometimes imitated. Grasp the properties of precious metals and how these and fabrication methods affect value. Become proficient with loupe techniques and examine hundreds of natural, synthetic and imitation gemstones.

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