Neelam is a passionate and trained professional jewellery designer from GII, (Gemmological Institute of India) with over 2 decades of industry knowledge and experience. She has had the privilege to design fine and couture Jewellery for various companies and Jewellery shows all over the world.

Her expertise lies not only in design but also manufacturing genuine gemstone jewellery in precious metals. Her strengths also include purchasing of precious materials and sale of finished jewellery.

Her passion for Jewellery is reflected in her keenness to adding new skills and refreshing her knowledge through various Jewellery programmes. Over the past 12 years in Singapore, she has enrolled in many programmes, such as CAD, Metal clay, Metalsmithing, Gem & Jewellery Trade Secrets at JDMIS always with the desire to learn more and keep abreast with the current Jewellery trends and standards.

Neelam has worked for both the retail and wholesale sectors of Jewellery and recently launched a young brand called Neelam Lara Designs in Singapore. Her strength lies in designing multiple collections, each having its own characteristics and use. Creating multifunctional Jewellery with removable and changeable aspects are her greatest strengths.

She prefers the digital medium for showcasing her hand drawn designs to her customers which are precise, well finished in colour and depth. She also enjoys painting, is an art enthusiast, an entrepreneur, and a curator of home décor and apparels, which is showcased by the name Artisan Affaire.

With over 2 decades of experience, she feels that it’s time to share her jewellery knowledge through teaching.