Discover Gems & Jewellery

Not sure where to start?! Join us for a fun, informative Introduction to the world of Gems and Jewellery!

In just two hours, see how jewellery is designed, manufactured and learn about how gems are valued and assessed! Find out more about The Art of Creating Jewellery and the Science of Gemmology $58


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I will use the skills learnt to make my own accessories and for business.

- Nency L. (Indonesia)

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Exceptional Jewellery EducationDiscover the Art and Science of JewelleryTry your hand at jewellery fabrication!Become a Jewellery ProfessionalWin Gems and Educational Prizes in our Facebook Contest!JDMIS - Educating and Pisiring Tomorrow's Jewellery Professionals


Exceptional Education in the Jewellery Arts


Join thousands of Jewellery professionals and enthusiasts that have invested in their knowledge and skills in jewellery at JDMIS. The rewards will come to you in ways you could not have imagined.

Want to work in the jewellery industry? In Singapore and abroad, trained jewellery designers need to understand their customers, and produce contemporary, fashionable designs, but also need to be able to confidently communicate with their clients and convey the excitement and value of the jewellery they produce!

The JDMIS Fine jewellery design programme gives you the skills and knowledge to excel as a fine jewellery designer!

JDMIS Fine Jewellery Design Curriculum
Fine Jewellery Design I & II   •   Digital Jewellery Design I & II
Gem/Jewellery Trade Secrets   •   Epic Jewellery/Contemporary Trends


Want to create without limits? Jewellery artists rely on their taste, style and eye for detail – but often do not have the tools or understanding needed to execute their best ideas! Working with raw materials, from precious metals to gems, glass, objects trouvees, and even other jewellery components, a skilled precious metal artist can produce whatever they have in mind!

JDMIS Precious Metal Arts programme gives you the skills, ideas and experience to create without limits!

JDMIS Precious Metal Arts Curriculum
Silver Fabrication & More   •   Gold Fabrication & Metalsmithing
Gem/Jewellery Trade Secrets   •   Epic Jewellery/Contemporary Trends


Want to produce quickly and efficiently? The fastest way to creating high quality, fashionable jewellery is by knowing what materials and pre-fabricated components to select and how to assemble them professionally.

Using the tips and techniques from our Fashion Jewellery Arts Programme, many fashion jewellery artists are able to quickly create entire lines of jewellery and been able to build a loyal customer base!

JDMIS Fashion Jewellery Arts Curriculum
Fashion Jewellery I & II   •   Fashion Jewellery Master Techniques
Gem/Jewellery Trade Secrets   •   Epic Jewellery/Contemporary Trends


The road can be long, and there are many pitfalls that could sideline your plans for a sparkling career in jewellery… but JDMIS is here to help you build the right skills, and, when you are ready, develop your brand and business!

Each year 20-30 of our students make the break and register their new businesses, and embark on an exciting and creative journey. Hundreds more put their skills to use creating sideline businesses, or find satisfaction making unique fashion statements for themselves or as gifts as they perfect their craft.

JDMIS Jewellery Business Courses
Jewelelry Marketing   •   Jewellery Merchandising
Jewellery Entrepreneurship   •   Retail Management & Systems


What are you waiting for? Books and websites are just no match for our reliable experience with over 25 years in jewellery education. Our exceptional, fun courses make great starting points for anyone with a passion for gems and jewellery!


This month, ALL our programmes are starting! Whether you are interested in Gems, Fashion Trends, Design or Fabrication, you can find a week day or weekend schedule to get you started on a path to a career as a jewellery designer or artist.

Remember, All our programmes are modular – so you can select the starting point that is best for you and proceed at your own pace: Complete an entire diploma in just 2 months, or spread our your learning, one skill and one certificate at a time .


What's New at JDMIS?

  • Re-structured diploma qualifications
    In response to feedback from our students, our industry partners and surveys of the general public, we have been reviewing the JDMIS diploma qualifications and have made some important changes. Now, when you obtain a diploma from the JDMIS, it will be shorter, more targeted, more relevant and more useful!
    JDMIS dipomas continue to be completely modular, meaning you can explore your interest in the jewellery field by taking on a single skill - and then when you have mastered it, move on through additional skills-based certifications until you reach your desired qualification.
  • More review sessions and new advanced courses
    As the number of graduates of JDMIS programmes grow, many of you are finding you have done all there is to do from our standard curriculum. So What's next? You responded so positively to our design reviews that we will be arranging review sessions for many more of our classes - together with new, advanced programmes in design, thread & wire fabrication, metal clay fabrication and metalsmithing.

  • More industry talks, more international speakers
    Every industry speaker we had last year presented to a full-house! We continue to invite more experts, and from further afield! And with our new event registration system you can confirm your participation with just one click from your computer or mobile phone! (Please note that industry talks are limited to existing JDMIS Students and their guests.)
  • Revised pricing for all courses
    With the revised curricula we are taking the opportunity to revise our pricing too. All JDMIS courses are now fully inclusive of tools, materials and GST. This means no unexpected or hidden costs - and, importantly, after every course, you leave with the tools and equipment you need to continue putting your skills to use!

Thank your for your support of the JDMIS over the last 8 years and we look forward to growing with you in the coming years!


Welcome to the Jewellery Design & Management International School

JDMIS is registered with the Singapore Council for Private Education

The JDMIS is a unique school in Asia providing Jewellery Design and Management Programs. JDMIS offers Certificate Courses leading to Diploma and Advanced Diploma in both design and management studies. Situated in Singapore, Asia's Education Hub, JDMIS welcomes industry professionals, jewellery enthusiasts and students with a passion for jewellery to explore the world of Jewellery Design, Fabrication and Business.

We are the only official private school in Singapore dedicated to professional training in the jewellery arts. The JDMIS is one of only 328 private educational institutions (PEIs) registered with the Singapore Council for Private Education and is committed to the quality of its instructors, facilities and overall education. Join over 3000 graduates of JDMIS programmes who hail from all walks of life, jewelelry firms large and small, and a wide range of backgrounds and experiences!

The Jewellery Design & Management International School has courses and programmes tailored to anyone interested in the jewellery industry!

jdmis programmes for students jdmis programmes for working professionals jdmis programmes for homemakers
jdmis programmes for jewellery industry jdmis programmes for corporate


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