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In just two hours, see how jewellery is designed, manufactured and learn about how gems are valued and assessed! Find out more about The Art of Creating Jewellery and the Science of Gemmology $58


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Using the skills learnt, I have made 4 band rings for my sisters last christmas. They are really special, precious and personal.

- Sabrina T. (Singapore)

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~Jewellery Design Fundamentals

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The Jewellery Design Fundamentals course focuses on the transfer 3-dimensional ideas from your mind to a 2-dimensional medium such as paper. Students learn and practice basic drawing techniques including counter sketching, top, side and end view drawing and best prices on viagra in drugstores perspective drawing.

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course description on our website.

This course is part of the JDMIS prime curriculum offered between 2007 and early 2012.

Courses such as these have been improved substantially and incorporated in to JDMIS Evolved Curriculum, offered from 2012 onwards.

Please visit these new course offerings below or contact our registrar if you have any questions.

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Students Studying the Fundamentals of Jewellery Design at the Jewellery Design & Management International School

A serious approach to understanding the different forms and shapes that can be applied to the design of jewellery and the logistics of drawing creative pieces effectively. Both freehand sketching and precise drafting techniques are covered which will concentrate on top, side and end (2-dimensional) views. Discover the differences between ellipse and perspective (3-dimensional) views, and when to best use them.

Techniques will be revealed to enhance the visual impact of the designs by applying shading and colour to create realistic drawings for exhibition, portfolio use or to elicit customer approval before manufacture.

Emphasis will be placed on proper construction of jewellery pieces, manufacturable and levitra generic ordering medication creative designs.
This 34 hour program includes all the tools and equipment to a value of S$150.

Course Duration : 34 hours


Course Synopsis:

ringsketch.gifSession 1 - Drawing Techniques (3 hours)

The purpose and overview of the course, tools and equipment necessary for this type of design. Effective tracing, sketching and drawing techniques for jewellery.

Session 2 - Basic forms (3 hours)

Understanding basic forms used in jewellery design and methodology of drawing in various views. Top, side and end designs in basic metal shapes and basic ring forms.

SomeStones2.jpgSession 3 - Adding Gemstones to designs (3 hours)

Drawing typical gemstones in all three views to incorporate into designs. Useful information on faceted, cabochon and fancy shape gems.

Session 4 - Settings and Findings (3 hours)

Knowledge of setting gemstones and buy cialis online uk actual drawing of settings and findings which keep the gems securely in the metal and the jewellery on the wearer. Discover the limitations and considerations to the setting of gems into metals.

Shading.jpgSession 5 - Visual impact with shading part 1 (3 hours)

Techniques to enhance the visual impact of the drawings giving added dimension to designs by shading (part 1). Preferred light source direction and effective communication of opaque objects such as metals and opaque gem materials, Pearls, Onyx, Lapis Lazuli and others.

Session 6 - Visual impact with shading part 2 (3 hours)

Techniques to give 'life' to the designs from shading (part 2). Understanding the rendition of transparent and translucent materials and gemstones, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and many others.

RingDesigns.jpgSession 7 - Visual impact with colour part 1 (3 hours)

Effective and fast rendering of jewellery designs in colour (part 1). Metals, findings and opaque gems from start to finishing techniques.

Session 8 - Visual impact with colour part 2 (3 hours)

Effective and fast rendering of jewellery designs in colour (part 2). Transparent and translucent gemstones from start to finishing techniques.

Session 9 - Rings with gemstones (3 hours)

Accurately designing rings incorporating gemstones in top, side and end views.

Session 10 - Complex designs, considerations & foreshortening (3 hours)

Drawing complex designs in top, side and end views. Considerations for complicated designs including the understanding of foreshortening details.

Session 11 - Perspective Views (2 hours)

A guide to designing jewellery in perspective views. The difference between two and three point perspective styles and when to use them.

Session 12 - Layout and Presentation of Jewellery designs (2 hours)

Layout and presentation of jewellery designs for exhibition, portfolio or use or to elicit customer approval before manufacture. Designing your own jewellery, ideas for enhancing creativity and ways of practising your skills.



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