Are you are an artisan entrepreneur looking to improve the quality and efficiency of your work? A jewellery company employee needing to implement commercial techniques for in-store repairs? a hobbyist looking for the best training available? Studying Fashion Jewellery with the professionals means less trial and error, a better understanding of the quality of components available, and superior products for your clients, customers or friends and relatives.

The last and most challenging level in fashion jewellery techniques focuses on multiple strands and sculpted wires, the course teaches you how to maintain professional standards worthy of premium pricing and that you use your time and materials effectively - you can do amazing things that will take others years to figure out!

Course outline

Multiple Straight Necklaces and Bracelets

Multiple Straight Necklaces and Bracelets

Starting with this classic style, learn design patterns and production tips to ensure quality and speed.

Multiple-Twist style Necklaces

Multiple-Twist style Necklaces

By far the most popular style in today's fashion, multiple twist style necklaces will impress even the most discerning clients.

Multiple-Tier style Necklaces

Multiple-Tier style Necklaces

Multiple-tier style necklaces are some of the most elegant and visually appealing necklace designs when executed properly.

Wire Ring Wrapping

Wire Ring Wrapping

With quick, simple but effective technique you will learn to make elegant matching wire work rings to complement your jewellery sets, or to simply enjoy on their own.
Professional Wire Sculpting

Professional Wire Sculpting

Discover intricate and amazing ways to sculpt wire to produce earrings, pendants and rings that will impress even the most discerning of customers.
One-to-Two/One-to-Many strand style Necklaces

One-to-Two/One-to-Many strand style Necklaces

One-to-Two strand necklaces provide designers with the ability to differentiate their designs without incurring the substantial materials costs of full-blown multiple strand projects and are therefore a favourite for designers working with the highest quality, expensive materials.
  • Tools and materials

    Tools and materials

    Price is inclusive of hundreds of natural materials, genuine Swarovski Crystals and top-quality findings, as well as a full-set of tools and design boards.

  • Learning path

    Learning path


    This course offers a practical hands-on experience. At the end of the workshop, participants will have produced one or more pieces of jewellery.

    Pre-requirements: FJ100 - Fashion Jewellery 1: Creative and Essential Fashion Jewellery Knowledge.

    Next Step (Jeweller's Knowledge):
    GT100 - Jewellery Trade Practices 1: Gem and Jewellery Trade Secrets. and/or
    FT100 - Jewellery Fashion Trends 1: Epic and Contemporary Trends.

    Participants attending and completing this programme as a stand-alone certification can choose to enroll for the Fashion Jewellery Arts Diploma.

  • Duration


    30 hours

    1 week (Full-time), or
    5 weeks (Part-time)

    JDMIS runs week-day, weekend and weeknight courses for this popular course. JDMIS also has flexible make-up schedules and graduates can return without cost for refresher courses (subject to availability).

  • Course fee

    Course fee

    SGD 2,000

    Course fee is inclusive of GST as well as all tools and materials provided during the cours

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