The JDMIS is a leader in the jewellery arts education Arena, providing an extensive curriculum which covers the widest scope of any institution in South East Asia. In order to maintain and improve this standing, the quality of our academics is of utmost importance; as such, the JDMIS has a specialized management unit devoted to academic issues, the Academic Board.

The academic board consists of individuals with interest and expertise in the matters of academic governance of the JDMIS. Tanja Sadow, as Dean, will be responsible for convening and working with this board to address matters related to curriculum development, student and teacher performance and educational effectiveness. This board includes:


Tanja M. Sadow

Principal / Dean

Tanja M. Sadow, Dean of the JDMIS, will provide guidance, by way of over four decades of experience in the field of education in Jewellery Arts, continued support in curriculum development and will oversee the quality of instruction. Tanja’s public and professional reputation in Singapore, and throughout the Jewellery Industry, together with her extensive network of contacts within the jewellery education, retail and wholesale industries will provide an invaluable support to the JDMIS and its students.


Genevieve Woo

Broadcast Journalist and Presenter, Mediacorp

As a professional presenter, actor and business executive, Genevieve has a unique insight into the human presentation element. In a business environment where personal presence and communication is as vital a facet to success as talent and workmanship, Genevieve's contributions to our academic program's communications courses will be invaluable.


Bhavik Bhatt

Senior Brand Consultant, Bonsey Design

Bhavik's passion for branding and design have left their mark on the JDMIS' own image since its inception. An interior architect, brand manager and product designer, Bhavik brings many elements of the commercial world to the school's design and business programmes.


Alex Zupancich

Director, Jewellery Design & Management International School

Alex's familiarity with the jewellery industry, love for new technologies used in jewellery design and fabrication, and his experience starting and operating business in three continents helps guide the schools business and design programmes. Alex is also the primary point of contact for administrative processes related to the school's academic operations and can steer these to ensure the board's policy decisions are effectively implemented.



Students at the JDMIS are ensured rewarding training experiences by the quality of their instructors. All JDMIS instructors and visiting instructors are experienced artists, educators and/or industry members and are selected because of their knowledge and passion for the jewellery field. While many may not have stratospheric qualifications themselves, such documents matter little in the a vocation such as jewellery - where artistic ability, industry experience and strong ability and desire to share knowledge are paramount.

JDMIS regular, Singapore-based instructors include:


The school also invites internationally renowned jewellery artists and educators to visit Singapore and share their knowledge in the form of specialized short workshops on specific skills and topics.