Banner A.Dip FJDWant to work in the jewellery industry? In Singapore and abroad, trained jewellery designers need to understand their customers, and produce contemporary, fashionable designs, but also need to be able to confidently communicate with their clients and convey the excitement and value of the jewellery they produce.

The JDMIS Fine jewellery design programme gives you the skills and knowledge to excel as a fine jewellery designer!

Become a Fine Jewellery Designer

In today's competitive jewellery industry, the only way to excel is through unique and saleable design. No longer can a jewellery designer work independently of the manufacturer and retailer; successful designers understand their materials and gems, know about style, trends and fashion, and must produce stunningly beautiful, but also wearable, commercially practical jewels.

By becoming a Certified Fine Jewellery Designer, take the reigns to a creative and diverse career in the jewellery field.

With great emphasis on experiential learning, graduates have knowledge, style and a complete professional portfolio to highlight their broad range of design competencies. Detailed projects leave graduates confident and primed for success.

Certified Fine Jewellery Designers:

  • work as designers in the jewellery industry
  • enter and win International competitions
  • provide freelance design consultations
  • design jewellery before making it themselves
  • develop their own brands and jewellery lines

The Fine Jewellery Design Advanced Diploma consists of the following modules:

Fine Jewellery Design Advanced Diploma
light source with shading & colour rendering of Jewellery Making JD300 - Jewellery Design 3
Illustration, Light & Colour

Life-like depth from line drawings understanding light source with shading & colour rendering. Render all types of gems & metals. Apply colour theory to your designs to impress and gain sales. Includes all tools and materials. 30 hours[Requires JD200]


JD400 - Jewellery Design 4
Presentation & Layout

Develop expert jewellery illustration & presentation skills to become a great designer. Delve into the commercial design process, understanding customer requirements, sales processes, manufacturing limitations. Inc. tools/materials. 30 hrs[Requires JD300]


Learn Advanced Modelling & Production Jewellery Making Courses
Designs for error-free production on 3D printers DD300 - Digital Design 3
Advanced Modelling & Production

Learn advanced techniques for modelling challenging designs, including organic shapes, while increasing design speed. Learn jewellery rapid prototyping and production. Prepare designs for error-free production on 3D printers. 30 Hours. [Requires JD300]


Non-Jewellery Tools Making Courses
Advanced CAD designers DD400 - Digital Design 4
Non-Jewellery Tools

Not all designers use jewellery-specific software. Advanced CAD designers can quickly transfer their skills to other 3D platforms that extend creative options, interactivity or manufacturing flexibility. zBrush, Fusion 360 & others. 30 Hrs[Requires JD300]


Examine gems using professional gemological equipment
GT200 - Trade Practices 2
Gem Identification Methods

Examine gems using professional gemmological equipment provided in class. Understand the process of identification & know limitations of each tool. Discover & separate imitations, synthetics & assembled materials from natural gems. 30 Hrs[Requires GT100]


Aesthetics & Future Trends
FT200 - Fashion Trends 2
Aesthetics & Future Trends

Identify a unique aesthetic that defines your collections, designs & creations with professional guidance through eight universal patterns of beauty. Explore and predict future colour and theme trends in fashion and jewellery. 30 Hrs. [Requires FT100]

This Diploma comes with an optional 'Enhanced' variation that includes 2 projects and has an additional fee of $1,840.

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