Intermediate 3D Modelling jewellery design certificate courses

With Digital Design 2, you can have more creative freedom to create advanced designs in less time. Not only can you close design deals faster, but also your portfolio will expand tremendously. Gain more self-confidence, participate in competitions...the sky is the limit when you master these advanced digital design skills!

Course outline

This course is the sequel to JDMIS' flagship DD100: Fundamentals of Digital Jewellery Design. Develop skills in the latest technologies in jewellery design using industry-leading computer aided jewellery design software by Gemvision. Design highly accurate 3D models that include gemstones and findings, then render these designs in photo-realistic quality as 2D images, videos or interactive programs. Learn about other jewellery tools on the market and how they compare.

Intermediate Curves & Modelling

Intermediate Curves & Modelling

Build both symmetrical and asymmetrical component based jewellery quickly and efficiently. Create advanced curves in 3 dimensions and learn to edit and refine your shapes to ensure maximum control of your custom jewellery designs. Learn to trace your sketches and import 2D graphics off the web.
Advanced Surface Modelling

Advanced Surface Modelling

Learn to break down complex shapes and build surface-by-surface using sweeps, lofts, curve networks and surface blends. By mastering these surface tools, you can better control the shapes and designs you create.
Intermediate Gemstone Alignment

Intermediate Gemstone Alignment

MatrixGold comes with a series of advanced gemstone placement tools. Learn to place multiple rows of gems efficiently, to use advanced alignment features of gems-on-a-curve and to create custom gems between curves using a variety of gem shapes.
Intermediate Gem Settings

Intermediate Gem Settings

Discover ways to space gemstones on the surface of your designs in standard pave patterns and unusual styles. Work with large quantities of gemstones to build shared prong arrangements and neat pilot holes or azures. Work with linear pave arrangements as well as pave around irregular surfaces.
Building Intermediate Jewellery Designs

Building Intermediate Jewellery Designs

Combine tools and techniques learned in DD100 and DD200 into efficient workflows that allow you to achieve custom designs beyond what is possible with the basic builders. Begin to learn about outputting files for 3D printing and options for finding service bureaus to print your jewellery.

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