The JDMIS strives to be a regional centre for excellence in jewellery design and creative entrepreneurship, with a reputation that draws the most talented new jewellery designers into our programs, and an education that produces superior graduates to improve the region’s jewellery industry.


Our mission is to educate, enable and inspire every one of our students so as to produce tomorrow’s successful designers, artists, jewellery industry executives and creative entrepreneurs. This is accomplished by developing and maintaining:

  1. qualified, accomplished, passionate instructors,
  2. comprehensive, manageable, and timely curricula, and
  3. physical and virtual facilities that promote dissemination of high quality skills training and information in the jewellery and business fields
  4. activities that promote awareness and enthusiasm for the jewellery industry
  5. a thriving community of jewellery professionals


Our students, our staff, our suppliers and our business partners trust us. This trust is earned by our behavior according to this code of conduct:

We always conduct ourselves and our business honestly and honourably.

Trust means relying on someone’s word. We should only agree to what we can deliver, and we do our very best to deliver what we have agreed.

To achieve trust and to reach our fullest potential, we must respect one-another. We respect our colleagues, students, clients and employers, and expect the same from them.

To achieve great things, we must care about our goals and targets. Having passion for what we do provides purpose and energy to motivate great outcomes.


JDMIS strives to create a positive work environment with a culture based on:

In a small organization, everyone in a team must work together, taking on responsibility and displaying autonomy and leadership to achieve success. Hierarchies within JDMIS should be neither a barrier nor an excuse to producing great outcomes.

Personal Excellence
Self-management is a hallmark of successful entrepreneurs and passionate, driven team members. JDMIS team members are expected to always put maximum effort into whatever they do to overcome obstacles and create solutions in a challenging growth environment.

Enabling Success
Failure is not an option – sometimes plans don’t work out, but JDMIS team members can always look to one another for help to adapt to situations, find solutions and develop winning strategies. If any one of our team fails, nobody wins!

Troubleshooting Information: