JDMIS' Jewellery merchandising course teaches how to maximise sales with traditional and modern techniques


Merchandising jewellery is both a skill and an art. Packaging, display and placement must be given as much thought and planning as the jewellery itself in order to effectively convey its quality and value. This class combines traditional visual merchandising concepts that apply to physical storefronts as well as branding concepts and catalogue and internet merchandising strategies.

Students understand merchandising theory, performing thought experiments to place themselves in the consumer’s frame of mind as they navigate a display. Inventory and security play an important part in jewellery merchandising and students understand retailer concerns and methods to improve customer experience without compromising stock integrity. Students gain experience creating displays and catalogues from their own jewellery portfolios and work with props and showcases as well as digital cameras and computers.

Course outline

  • ME101: Overview of merchandising
  • ME102: Anticipating the customer experience
  • ME103: Planning around brand guidelines, reinforcing brand
  • ME104: The importance of physical displays
  • ME105: Product packaging
  • ME106: Displaying product prices, conveying promotions
  • ME107: Inventory management on the front line
  • ME108: Sales cycles and forward planning
  • ME109: Below the line advertising: Objectives and options
  • ME110: Digital photography of jewellery
  • ME111: Production of catalogues and online storefronts
  • ME112: Combining merchandising strategies

  • Duration


    30 hours

    1 week (Full-time), or
    5 weeks (Part-time)

    JDMIS runs week-day, weekend and weeknight courses for this popular course. JDMIS also has flexible make-up schedules and graduates can return without cost for refresher courses (subject to availability).

  • Course fee

    Course fee

    SGD 1,800

    Course fee is inclusive of GST and reference materials provided during the course

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