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  • Fine Jewellery Design Diploma

    Fine Jewellery Design Diploma
    Become a Fine Jewellery Designer - the true artist and creative professional. Learn to conceptualize fashionable and practical jewellery designs, communicate your ideas to a jeweler, plan and budget for your designs, and make your designs more appealing to the customers.

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  • Precious Metal Arts Diploma

    Precious Metal Arts Diploma
    Having gone through a broad array of creative and challenging metal work projects, a Certified Precious Metal Artist stands apart from their peers by able to fabricate with a variety of precious materials, produce unique designs and combine multi-disciplinary techniques to produce unique masterpieces or reproducible lines.

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  • Fashion Jewellery Design Diploma

    Fashion Jewellery Design Diploma
    The fastest way to create high quality, fashionable jewellery is by knowing how to select and assemble materials professionally. This programme is ideal for entrepreneur who wants to quickly develop their own style and brand, produce unique yet saleable designs using advanced techniques.

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    • Classical Jewellery Design (JD100)

      Classical Jewellery Design (JD100)

      Master traditional jewellery design techniques to unleash your creativity! Accurately communicate your designs onto paper for presentation to your manufacturer

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    • Technical drawing and Counter sketching (JD200)

      Technical drawing and Counter sketching (JD200)

      This program will train you to focus on accurate and detailed draughts to avoid costly mistakes and guarantee your design is produced to exact customer specifications.
      Prequisite: JD100

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    • Advanced Classical Jewellery Design (JD300)

      Advanced Classical Jewellery Design (JD300)

      Build upon your core design skills, learn shading and rendering in colour to effectively present your ideas in a wide range of scenarios.
      Prequisite: JD200

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    • Presentation and Layout of Jewellery Designs (JD400)

      Presentation and Layout of Jewellery Designs (JD400)

      Discover methods of presentation for different scenarios: Necklaces on necklines, Earring, Ring and Bangle bracelet. Learn the art of using background in storytelling and how to generate winning ideas for competitions.
      Prequisite: JD300

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    • Digital Jewellery Design (DD100)

      Digital Jewellery Design (DD100)

      Jump-start your experience with CAD using industry-leading CAD software together with software skills, learn useful sizes, shapes and measurements and how to render stunning, photorealistic images of your designs.

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    • Intermediate 3D Modelling & Gem Settings (DD200)

      Intermediate 3D Modelling & Gem Settings (DD200)

      Refined and developed your digital skills further by learning intermediate curves & modelling, advanced surface modelling, intermediate gemstone settings and alignment.
      Prequisite: DD100

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    • Advanced Digital Jewellery Design (DD300)

      Advanced Digital Jewellery Design (DD300)

      Learn to produce jewellery design files ready for manufacture and how best to use service bureaus to cost-effectively manufacture accurate, stunning jewellery
      Presequisite: DD200

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    • Jewellery Modelling with non-Jewellery Tools (DD400)

      Jewellery Modelling with non-Jewellery Tools (DD400)

      Not all designers use jewellery-specific software. Advanced CAD designers can quickly transfer their skills to other 3D platforms that extend creative options, interactivity or manufacturing flexibility. zBrush, Fusion 360 & others.
      Prequisite: DD300

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    • New Metal Technology  (NM100)

      New Metal Technology (NM100)

      Use the latest in jewellery making technology to create your very own metal jewellery, explore textures and patinas, set gemstones & achieve a professional finish!

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    • Sculptural Design with Mixed Media (NM200)

      Sculptural Design with Mixed Media (NM200)

      Extend your knowledge and experience beyond fine silver to incorporate other materials including glass, UV resins and metal clays together to stunning effect. Learn additional setting styles for faceted gemstones and pearls or raw gem materials.
      Prequisite: NM100

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    • Advanced Powder Metallurgy  (NM300)

      Advanced Powder Metallurgy (NM300)

      Experienced designers dare to work with the finest of materials incorporating 22k gold clay & 24k gold leaf into their designs. Master finishing techniques to set yourself apart from other artists and craftspeople.
      Prequisite: NM200

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    • Professional Powder Metallurgy Masterclass (NM400)

      Professional Powder Metallurgy Masterclass (NM400)

      Master the combination of 22 karat gold into your designs, as well as how to fuse gold-leaf to silver designs to achieve an opulent look without the cost of solid gold. Mastery of metal clays requires expertise in creating moulds and patterns to produce consistent lines of precious metal jewellery.
      Prequisite: NM300

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    • Traditional Metal Smithing (MS100)

      Traditional Metal Smithing (MS100)

      Learn traditional ways to manipulate gold, silver, copper, bronze, and metal alloys. Build confidence working with metals by piercing, drilling, forging, fusing and soldering. Apply textures, and execute prefect professional finishing techniques.

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    • Intermediate Techniques & Stone Setting (MS200)

      Intermediate Techniques & Stone Setting (MS200)

      Apply existing and new techniues to create pedestal prong settings for cabochons, master cold connections, hinges and movable parts, and work with ready-made jewellery components. Expand your repretoire of skills with popular intricate filigree & granulation techniques.
      Prequisite: MS100

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    • Advanced Manufacturing Techniques (MS300)

      Advanced Manufacturing Techniques (MS300)

      Produce a professional Solitaire Ring with 4 prong setting, learn to size, repair & re-tip prongs. Develop bezel settings for faceted gems & create a tapered ring band with thread setting techniques.
      Prequisite: MS200

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    • Casting Metals and Advanced Stone Setting (MS400)

      Casting Metals and Advanced Stone Setting (MS400)

      Discover casting & wax production. Prepare & invest wax trees, perform calculations for the metals & cast jewellery to use for channel & pavé settings. Finish your cast pieces to professional standards.
      Prequisite: MS300

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    • Gem & Jewellery Trade Secrets (GT100)

      Gem & Jewellery Trade Secrets (GT100)

      Learn about gemstone origins, see how gems are mined and how these extraordinarily valuable minerals get to market. Learn about gemmology quality and value factors for all types of gems, from Diamonds to Coloured Stones, Phenomenal gems, Organics to Jade

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    • Gemstone Identification (GT200)

      Gemstone Identification (GT200)

      Examine gems using professional gemmological equipment provided in class. Understand the process of identification & know limitations of each tool. Discover & separate imitations, synthetics & assembled materials from natural gems.
      Prequisite: GT100

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    • Epic & Contemporary Trends (FT100)

      Epic & Contemporary Trends (FT100)

      Studying jewellery of the past will provide you with insight into how the fabrication limitations and beliefs of the time influenced jewellery design and how similar concepts in today's fashion and jewellery can be applied

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    • Aesthetic Self-discovery, Future Trends (FT200)

      Aesthetic Self-discovery, Future Trends (FT200)

      Identify a unique aesthetic that defines your collections, designs & creations with professional guidance through eight universal patterns of beauty. Explore and predict future colour and theme trends in fashion and jewellery.
      Prequisite: FT100

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    • Traditional & New Media Marketing (MK100)

      Traditional & New Media Marketing (MK100)

      Begin with brand positioning and customer analysis to determine the product and place you will sell. Price your designs effectively and develop an identity and promotional plans for traditional and new-media channels.

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    • Storefront, Displays, Catalogues & Internet (ME100)

      Storefront, Displays, Catalogues & Internet (ME100)

      Combine traditional visual merchandising concepts that apply to physical storefronts with modern behavioural economics tips to maximise catalogue & internet sales. Develop strategies to assist in attracting customers and conveying value.

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    • 100 - Inventory, Security & Operations (RE100)

      100 - Inventory, Security & Operations (RE100)

      First-time retailers and existing store-owners alike will appreciate the best practices and cost effective uses of new technologies. This certificate program encompasses retail store management, staffing, security and inventory management.

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    • Establishing & Growing your Business (EN100)

      Establishing & Growing your Business (EN100)

      JDMIS' jewellery entrepreneurship programme provides guidance on the process for setting up your own jewellery business and the pitfalls new entrepreneurs face.

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    • Developing A Compelling Jewellery Resume (WkCV)

      Developing A Compelling Jewellery Resume (WkCV)

      Become the hiring manager that has been waiting for your job application - then craft a clear, compelling summary of your passions, expertise and experience that will land you the job you want in the jewellery industry.

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    • Jewellery Photography (WkDP)

      Jewellery Photography (WkDP)

      Master lighting, camera settings and display tricks needed to highlight the very best of your jewellery designs. Apply software adjustments professionals use to improve any photo.

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    • Artist Website Creation And Management (WkWeb)

      Artist Website Creation And Management (WkWeb)

      Using cost effective web based tools, identify information your customers' need and elements that will engage them to produce a simple yet effective portfolio or e-commerce enabled website for the web and mobile.

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    • Creative and Essential Fashion Jewellery Knowledge (FJ100)

      Creative and Essential Fashion Jewellery Knowledge (FJ100)

      Studying Fashion Jewellery with the professionals means less trial and error, a better understanding of the quality of components available. Learn string art, steel wire, chain maille techniques and more!

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    • Intricate and Versatile Fashion Jewellery Styles (FJ200)

      Intricate and Versatile Fashion Jewellery Styles (FJ200)

      The techniques, materials and information in this programme has been refined over decades and thousands of students. Learn flat and weaving, wire crochet and more!
      Prequisite: FJ100

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    • Fashion Jewellery Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness (FJ300)

      Fashion Jewellery Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness (FJ300)

      Bring your wirework skills up a notch with wirework & chain, wirework planning & grouping, wire wrapping and more.
      Prequisite: FJ200

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    • Master Fashion Jewellery Techniques (FJ400)

      Master Fashion Jewellery Techniques (FJ400)

      Complete your mastery of fashion jewellery with advanced techniques such as multiple style stringing and wire sculpting
      Prequisite: FJ300

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      Grow beyond classroom with Industry Expeditions

      Existing JDMIS students can join our annual Industry Expeditions coordinated and supervised by one or more senior JDMIS faculty members. They are not required for completion of any course of study.
      • Bali, Indonesia -  Pearl Farm

        Bali, Indonesia - Pearl Farm

        Visit Atlas Pearls, one of the top producers of the highly sought after silver and white South Sea pearl. Learn about the pearl farming process, find out how pearls are valued and matched
      • Sri Lanka - Mines & Gem Markets

        Sri Lanka - Mines & Gem Markets

        JDMIS industry partner Sapphire Capital Group, with established businesses in the Sri Lankan lapidary, gem trading and logistics industries, participants have the rare occasion to explore the gem trade in Sri Lanka
      • Hong Kong - Jewellery & Gem Fair

        Hong Kong - Jewellery & Gem Fair

        Participants travel together to the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, the largest jewellery exhibition in the world. It is a great opportunity to network with wholesale gem, jewellery and equipment suppliers and meeting fellow entrepreneurs.
      • My favourite course is CAD. It was most interesting and fun.

        - Mourice V. (Sri Lanka)

      • I have been using what I learnt to render home examples for my customers.

        - Edmund T. (Singapore)

      • I will use the skills acquired to produce my own jewellery and as a gift for friends.

        - Nor Dianah M. (Singapore)

      • It was a wonderful eye-opener and a really good place to get down to the art and science of jewellery

        - Pearl B. (Singapore)

      • I like wire crochet. The end result of the product looks good and the technique is very unusual.

        - Sylvia T. (Indonesia)

      • I am able to make more beautiful necklaces at work.

        - Ginger L. (Singapore)

      • I hope to use the skills learnt to create my own line of jewellery and to marry my passion in fashion.

        - Suryani P. (Singapore)

      • It?s the best place in Singapore to learn about different aspects of jewellery making/marketing.

        - Sam S. (Hong Kong)

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      The expert instructors that will help you succeed

      Our students' success stories

      • Kajal Naina

        Kajal Naina

        Going back to her passion and heritage in Jewellery
        One may be surprised that Kajal did not consider a career in jewellery in her early years. Even for Kajal herself, she did not foresee the power of her love in jewellery will eventually make her choose a different career path.

        The curriculum from JDMIS provided a strong foundation for Kajal. She graduated with skills in Metalsmithing and Metal Clay, along with two Diplomas in Fine Jewellery Design and Fashion Jewellery Arts which led to her winning multiple competitions worldwide in the last few years.

        She has won many prestigious awards such as Saul Bell award for outstanding achievement in 2018, A'Design Award bronze winner in 2018, Hong Kong Living Magazine Influencers award in 2019 and 2019 International Jewellery Stars Awards for first place in People's Choice Category. She is now the proud owner of Kajal Naina Fine Jewellery.

        Read more

      • Sujata Rai Chowdhury

        Sujata Rai Chowdhury

        Weaving her way to success
        Every successful jewellery designer was once a beginner with no background in Jewellery. It was especially true for Sujata when she started to look into this field. Although she has always been passionate about Jewellery, it was not until she visited a fascinating Bead Store in New York that made her determined to start.

        With the knowledge she gained from JDMIS, Sujata to start her own jewellery brand. Being a dedicated student and prolific practitioner of the jewellery art, Sujata was invited to become a part-time instructor at JDMIS for Fashion Jewellery.

        She is now the proud owner of Mila and an instructor at JDMIS.

        Read more

      • Joanne Low

        Joanne Low

        From lawyer to jewellery artist
        When Joanne Low left her job as a lawyer with British Petroleum Co. after the birth of her second son, running her own jewellery business was not at the top of her mind...

        The idea of enrolling in a jewellery-making course was sparked rather unexpectedly when the stay at home mum was sitting with a box of beads from Toys R Us she had bought for her then four year-old daughter, Kaitlyn, and figuring out how to string them together. “Being someone with a voracious appetite for learning, I wanted to learn how to do it perfectly,” explains the mother of two boys and a girl.

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      • Catherine Preston

        Catherine Preston

        It's never too late to find your passion
        Twenty years ago, Catherine started off as a Law and French graduate, and then followed her husband to Kuala Lumpur. It all started when she was visiting a friend in Bangkok searching for silver beads, lo and behold, and met Tanja Sadow, the principal of JDMIS Singapore.

        With the knowledge she gained from JDMIS, a metamorphosis took place as Catherine became the ambitious designer. Though Catherine has only been in the industry for two years, she has an idea of what a successful designer should be and is working towards it.

        She is now the proud owner of Catherine Preston designs

        Read more

      • Ernest Yeo

        Ernest Yeo

        Former broadcast technician
        Ernest is a former broad cast technician. One might wonder how he could change to such a different industry, but jewellery was not new to him. Since young he has always been captivated with anything that sparkled and glittered.

        Entrenched in a job of repetitive tasks for the past 8 years, one day, he happened to catch a fashion television program featuring contemporary jewellery, and it began to fuel ideas in his mind on the endless possibilities that he could do with jewellery, the thought alone excited him!

        He is now the proud owner of EY Design.

        Read more