This document serves to share more about potential training partnership opportunities with JDMIS. In the supporting video discussion, the content divided into several sections, which may vary in relevance depending on the reader's familiarity with the JDMIS or the jewelry industry. The video content is broken down into four sections:

  1. Brief Introduction to JDMIS
    A brief introduction to JDMIS, lasting approximately 10 minutes. This should provide a foundational understanding of our institution.
  2. Understanding the Jewelry Industry
    For those not familiar with the jewelry industry, In 5 minutes, this explains what fuels our passion for this niche and how it presents interesting opportunities for collaboration and growth.
  3. Our Strategy for the Future
    An overvide of the JDMIS strategy for the future, as it encompasses all the initiatives we are undertaking now to pave the way for success in the coming decade.
  4. Growth Opportunities for JDMIS and Its Partners
    A brief exploration of types of partnership we envision and the growth opportunities we foresee for JDMIS and its partners.

We strongly recommend going through this complete video, but also provide a much abridged written summary for those not yet ready to immerse themselves in a longer presentation.


The Jewellery Design and Management International School (JDMIS) is a well-established private educational institution registered with the Committee for Private Education in Singapore. Operating since 2007, for over 15 years, JDMIS is also an approved training organization with SkillsFuture Singapore. Prior to the establishment of these bodies, we functioned as a conventional training provider, beginning our journey in 1987.

Founded by Tanja Sadow, who is one of the youngest educators at GIA, an award-winning jewelry designer, master craftsperson, gem expert, and an industry veteran with over 40 years of experience, JDMIS has been instrumental in shaping the jewelry education landscape. Tanja began her training in Singapore in 1987 and has been a pivotal figure in the regional jewelry industry for over three decades.

My role at JDMIS is more operational, focusing on marketing operations. With training in marketing and business, I handle day-to-day activities ranging from regulatory compliance to finance, ensuring the smooth operation of our school.

Our team comprises expert instructors who are seasoned industry professionals, bringing a wealth of experience to our students. They are part-time instructors, which ensures that our students gain insights into real-world challenges faced by entrepreneurs and jewelry artists.

We are committed to developing new Singaporean talent and enhancing the JDMIS faculty. Our exceptional facilities are housed within the National Design Centre in central Singapore, featuring a comprehensive jewelry workshop and a gem vault with over 1,800 exhibits. Additionally, we offer state-of-the-art facilities for computer-aided design and techniques for fashion jewelry and new metals.

The Creative Jewellery Studio, run by our graduates, acts as an incubator and retail platform, enabling new designers to showcase their work and gain practical experience. This cooperative plays a vital role in nurturing emerging talent and operates as a registered dealer of precious metals and gemstones with the Ministry of Law.

Our Comprehensive Curriculum

JDMIS's self-developed curriculum is extensive, covering topics from gem and jewelry knowledge to fine jewelry design, metal arts, fashion jewelry arts, and business trends. It is structured into specific tracks, such as Fine Jewelry Design, which includes traditional and digital design techniques and essential gemstone and trend knowledge.

The curriculum is broken down into basic and advanced diplomas, with modules that provide lifelike experiences. Our Metal Arts programs combine traditional metalsmithing with modern techniques, and our Fashion Jewelry Design diploma caters to a more commercial market. Business and Entrepreneurship courses are offered outside the diploma structures due to their commercial nature.

All our programs are modular, allowing students to start with any area of interest and progress towards a comprehensive diploma. These certifications are recognized by SkillsFuture Singapore, and our diploma holders are eligible for study awards. We also provide pathways to top-up degrees at institutions such as Birmingham City University and the University of Sunderland.

Our student demographic is diverse, with a significant proportion consisting of industry professionals and career switchers. Despite our concentration in Singapore, with a population of 5.1 million, JDMIS boasts over 4,700 graduates from over 66 countries, highlighting our substantial reach and impact.

Industry Relevance and Student Success

Our programs are highly regarded, reflected in excellent public reviews and ratings. We focus on industry relevance, ensuring that our courses meet the needs of the jewelry sector and contribute to the successful placement of our students within the industry. Many of our graduates have started their own successful ventures, further enriching the industry.

Our vibrant YouTube channel, with nearly 17,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands of viewing hours, offers free content on jewelry design and gemstones, contributing to our educational outreach.

Online Learning and Strategic Plans for the Future

In 2023, JDMIS integrated technology and online learning best practices to make our programs globally accessible. We are exploring new partnership opportunities and leveraging advancements in online learning to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our programs.

We emphasize microlearning, high production quality, and efficient global delivery. Our online platform features interactive tools, including AI chatbots and detailed progress reports, to support both students and instructors. We have also adopted a lifetime access policy, ensuring ongoing value for our students.

Hands-On and Blended Learning

Blended learning is crucial for JDMIS, combining the benefits of online and hands-on experiences. This approach enables students to engage with theory and practice, optimizing their learning outcomes. We also experiment with local language training using AI technologies to increase engagement and accessibility.

In cases where blended learning is not feasible, we offer synchronous online options, although these do not match the effectiveness of our blended programs.

Partnership Opportunities

Looking forward, we see partnership opportunities evolving beyond simple agency relationships. Our joint delivery blended model, licensing of online content, and standardized kits present exciting avenues for collaboration with schools, workshops, social enterprises, and other organizations interested in enhancing jewelry education worldwide.

We invite interested parties to discuss potential collaborations to extend the reach of JDMIS's successful education model and contribute to a global community of jewelry specialists.

Conclusion and Invitation for Dialogue

As we consider the vast potential of expanding into significant jewellery cities around the world, we look forward to engaging with prospective partners who share our vision. By filling out a brief form detailing your interests, we can explore how our partnership models can align with your goals and contribute to the global jewelry industry.

Do consider reviewing our detailed partnership video and, if you see relevant opportunities for collaboration, reach out to us via our partnership contact form We eagerly anticipate further discussions to discover the possibilities that lie ahead.

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