Banner Dip PMAWant to create without limits? Jewellery artists rely on their taste, style and eye for detail – but often do not have the tools or understanding needed to execute their best ideas! Working with raw materials, from precious metals to gems, glass, objects trouvees, and even other jewellery components, a skilled precious metal artist can produce whatever they have in mind.

JDMIS Precious Metal Arts programme gives you the skills, ideas and experience to create without limits.

Become a Precious Metal Artist

Jewellery fabrication using precious metals requires commitment, dedication and experience that was traditionally only achieved through long periods of apprenticeship. This comprehensive diploma incorporates new technologies and traditional techniques to accelerate skills development and build a deep understanding and appreciation for work with precious metals.

By becoming a Certified Precious Metal Artist, you develop the skills and confidence to produce unique and remarkable jewellery creations.

With a broad array of creative and challenging metalwork projects, structured time to practice and refine critical skills, and exposure to design and industry knowledge, JDMIS metal artists stand apart from their peers in the jewellery industry.

Certified Precious Metal Artists:

  • fabricate jewellery with a variety of precious materials
  • produce unique designs using advanced techniques
  • combine skills from multiple disciplines to create unique masterpieces or reproducible lines of jewellery
  • create according to their own styles, or work efficiently with clients to develop bespoke creations.

The Precious Metal Arts Diploma consists of the following modules:

NM100 - New Metals 1
Creative Silver Modelling

Using latest powder metallurgy technology, shape & fire 999 silver metal clays into a variety of fine jewellery designs. Apply stone-setting & finishing techniques to produce superior pieces suitable for commercial sale. Includes tools/materials. 30 Hours


NM200 - New Metals 2
Sculptural Design & Mixed Media

Refine core modelling skills to produce accurate & more intricate designs. Build experience incorporating findings & expanding design options with glass fusing, glass setting & UV resin techniques. Includes tools/materials. 30 H0urs [Requires NM100]


MS100 - Metalsmithing 1
Foundation Metalwork Skills

Develop foundation skills to create fine jewellery using traditional techniques: piercing, soldering, rolling, drawing, filing, polishing, using sheet metal & wire in Copper & Sterling Silver. Basic bezel setting. Includes all Tools & Materials. 30 Hours.


MS200 - Metalsmithing 2
Interm.Techniques & Basic Setting

Create pedestal prong settings for cabs, master cold connections, see basic filigree & granulation techniques. Hand form a signet ring & incorporate flush set gems. Learn to create hinges & movable parts. Includes Tools & Materials. 30 Hrs[Requires MS100]


GT100 - Trade Practices 1
Gem & Jewellery Trade Secrets

Discover the secrets of the jewellery trade: Learn gem origins & trade practices; handle an array of popular & lesser known gems available in today's markets. Understand valuation & comprehend the breath of this topic. Includes Tools & Materials 30 Hours


FT100 - Fashion Trends 1
Epic & Contemporary Trends

Explore significant periods in history that affected jewellery, gem & metal popularity. Take inspiration from the past to discover your favorite choices and identify how to combine your selections to produce your own unique style. 30 Hours.

This Diploma comes with an optional 'Enhanced' variation that includes 2 projects and has an additional fee of $1,840.