Jewellery Design 2 course cover

In order to be a great designer, you must understand the technical aspects of accurate drawing and drafting as well as master the techniques to quickly applying creative variations to existing shapes and designs.

Technical drafts in various views communicate accurate fabrication requirements to any jeweller. Together with a focus on practical, beautiful and comfortable design, these skills ensure competence and understanding in this most creative and limitless field.

An impressive sketch can close a sale; knowing how to sketch efficiently and effectively in front of a customer is a useful skill which will make you indispensable.

A good designer does more than just design! Throughout the course, learn about jewellery trade practices such as requirements gathering, customer sign-off, and even in-depth jewellery costing including weight, gem and manufacturing cost estimation.

Course outline

As a graduate of the JD100 you already know how to trace, sketch, produce gems in all shapes and sizes, understand and draw settings and findings as well as plan your creations considering the elements and principles of design.  Since the creative has been covered, this program will train you to focus on accurate and detailed draughts to avoid costly mistakes and guarantee your design is produced to exact customer specifications.   From efficient and effective counter sketches in front of the customer, jewellery trade practices such as requirements gathering and customer sign-off, all the way to the end communication with the jeweller and beyond with in depth jewellery costing including weight, gem and manufacturing cost estimation theories.

Technical Drawing Fundamentals

Technical Drawing Fundamentals

Train your eye to look at jewellery in a different way. Learn to visualise jewellery from different angles and translate this to a technical drawing in top and side views. You'll also learn how to ensure details are accurately represented with important sizes and measurements.
Intermediate Technical Drawing

Intermediate Technical Drawing

Fine details are what make your jewellery unique, but these details may not be visible in the top view sketch. You'll learn to produce ‘end-views’, in which you can convey more details to ensure that your technical drawings completely encapculate your jewellery design and can be easily understood by the manufacturer.
Advanced Technical Drawing

Advanced Technical Drawing

Foreshadowing happens when the tilting or curving of a shape causes its appearance to look shorter and thus, affecting important measurements. 90% of communication issues between designers and their factories come from errors in foreshortening. You'll learn useful information on how and where foreshortening develops, and work towards more complex jewellery designs.
Fast Effective Counter Sketching

Fast Effective Counter Sketching

An impressive sketch can help you close a sale on the spot; knowing how to sketch efficiently and effectively in front of a customer is a useful skill which will make you indispensable in a jewellery environment. Learn to sketch quickly and with confidence to impress your clients.
Jewellery Cost Estimation

Jewellery Cost Estimation

Professional designers are always prepared to respond confidently when their customers asks challenging questions about budget. Costing is a complex process with factors to consider - you'll learn how to estimate: gemstone values; metal weights and costs; and manufacturing and operating costs.

Technical Drawing preview video

Jewellery Design Technical Drawing with Tanja Sadow

Student reviews

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Tanja has been very patience and passionate in teaching and making us understand our subjects very well.

    - Tracy T. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    My favourite course is JD200 because I absolutely love learning from Tanja! She is so clear with explaining how to do things, very easy to understand and has so much experience in the Jewellery world with so many relevant, interesting stories to illustrate her points... I feel confident and ready to be a Fine Jewellery Designer!

    - Carys O. (Britain)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    My favourite course is JD200 because I learned so much from the course from Tanja. This course has taught me the foundation to make my own designs and this is essential in creativity.

    - Inna L. (Philippines)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    I will tell my friend about the conducive environment and generous knowledge-sharing and hands-on practices in school.

    - Hwee Yee C. (Singapore)


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