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Extend your knowledge and experience beyond fine silver to incorporate other materials, both new and traditional, to produce unique jewellery. Discover the creative opportunities of glass fusing and how to incorporate glass, UV resins and metal clays together to stunning effect. Learn additional setting styles for faceted gemstones and pearls or raw gem materials. The programme consists of 7 directed projects and 1 final project work and assessment divided over five days.

Course outline

Sculptural & Carved Designs

Sculptural & Carved Designs

Learn how to combine clay- and paste-types of metal clay to produce more vibrant and 3-dimentional designs, and experiment with forming shapes and textures using a 'build-up' technique. You will also learn additional methods of stone setting and attaching fine silver findings.
Master the creation of crisp lines and accurate symmetry as well as invisible joins and effective repairs so as to produce quality, professional-looking jewellery with sharp features. Your second project involves the accurate reproduction of carved patterns, and also extended pre-finishing techniques to ensure perfection once your design is fired and polished.
Intricate Designs with Clay & Syringe Type Clay

Intricate Designs with Clay & Syringe Type Clay

Further refine your skills at making accurate, perfectly-sized rings. Learn to combine clay- and syringe-type metal clay to create unique, refined filigree patterns or reliefs on any surface. Fire these designs into solid, lasting pieces of quality jewellery.
Customised Syringe & Pearl Setting

Customised Syringe & Pearl Setting

Instead of working with pre-fabricated syringe-type metal clay, learn the steps to prepare your own custom syringes and custom tips that allow for exciting extrusion patterns which will form the basis of your eighth project. Add a touch of elegance to this project by permanently setting a half-drilled cultured pearl using professional techniques.
GlassWork with Silver Clay

GlassWork with Silver Clay

Learn about the characteristics of coloured glass and how to properly evaluate and combine glass of different refractive indices to form creative fused-glass centre pieces. Explore different methods of fusing glass using electric and microwave kilns. Following that, use your very own glass creations to beautify your silver jewellery! With an emphasis on setting and firing techniques that will not damage glass components, you'll practise safe handling, fusing, firing and cooling of mixed glass and silver elements. Finally, learn the proper polishing methods to make your glass and silver designs stand out.
Work with UV Resins Combined with Silver

Work with UV Resins Combined with Silver

Enamelling is an inexpensive and popular method of adding value to jewellery via the simulation of inlaid gemstones or the creative use of colour. Traditional enamels, however, are painstaking and time-consuming to apply. You'll learn to use modern resins and dyes to simulate the depth of traditional enamels using popular modern UV/Epoxy techniques.

Course instructor:

  • Wahab Hussain - Expert metal jewellery trainer

    Wahab Hussain

    A former corporate trainer and speaker, Wahab is also a passionate jewellery artist specializing in wire sculpting and fabrication using powdered metals. Wahab is an accredited jewellery professional with GIA and brings over 15 years of experience in these specialities to the JDMIS Precious Metal Arts and Fashion Jewellery Arts programmes. Many of his most unique design styles are self taught and he shares these with his Thread and Wire and Metal Clay students on a part-time basis. Read More
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Student reviews

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    My favourite is New Metals 200 because there was different materials exploration and synthesis of processes.

    - Soi Mui T. (Singapore)


  • Metal Clay 2 was fun with lots of colour, surprised that we can combine glass and resin into silver.

    - May L. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    I’m planning to make some accessories to match my fashion design (clothing) pieces, and eventually gear it towards a fashion runway show.

    - Huang V. (China)


  • Tools and materials

    Tools and materials

    Like all JDMIS courses, students receive everything they need to complete all their coursework. This course includes all the tools and reference material needed in order to immediately start producing jewellery.

    And, in this course you'll also receive new tools and equipment not included in earlier courses!

  • Class size and safety

    Class size and safety

    With only 6-8 students in a class you learn fast and expert international instructors keep you safe and ensure you stay safe as you continue to practice this ancient art by yourselt at home.

    If you are creative and enjoy working with your hands, New Metal Technologies is much more accessible than you would imagine. You do not need jewellery or art experience to get started, and your classmates come from all walks of life - ensuring an enriching and enduring experience.

  • Learning path

    Learning path


    This course offers a practical hands-on experience. At the end of the workshop, participants will have produced one or more pieces of jewellery.

    NM100: Creative Silver Modelling Techniques

    Next Steps (New Metal Technologies Specialisation):
    NM300 - New Metal Technologies 3 - Advanced techniques with Moulds to Gold

    Next Steps (Complementary Metal Arts Specialisation):
    MS100: Foundation Metalwork Skills and Experience

    Next Steps (Jeweller's Knowledge):
    GT100 - Jewellery Trade Practices 1: Gem and Jewellery Trade Secrets and/or
    FT100 - Jewellery Fashion Trends 1: Epic and Contemporary Trends

    Participants attending and completing this programme as a stand-alone certification can choose to enroll for the Precious Metal Arts Diploma.

  • Duration


    30 hours

    1 week (Full-time), or
    5 weeks (Part-time)

    JDMIS runs week-day, weekend and weeknight courses for this popular course. JDMIS also has flexible make-up schedules and graduates can return without cost for refresher courses (subject to availability).

  • Course fee

    Course fee

    SGD 2,420

    Course fee is inclusive of GST as well as all tools and materials provided during the course.

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