Sujata Rai Chowdhury - fashion jewellery artist

Sujata Rai Chowdhury: Weaving her way to success

Every successful jewellery designer was once a beginner with no background in Jewellery. It was especially true for Sujata when she started to look into this field. Sujata has a Bachelor's degree and qualifications in early childhood education. Although she has always been passionate about Jewellery, it was not until she visited a fascinating Bead Store in New York that made her determined to start. By chance, she discovered JDMIS when she and her husband moved to Singapore in 2010, after over a decade in the United States. Throughout her studies at JDMIS, she completed the Diploma in Fashion Jewellery with other useful courses in Metal Arts and Traditional Design.

Starting her own Jewellery Company

Her passion for Jewellery making and design motivated Sujata to start her own jewellery brand, Mila, in 2016. When it came to creating her brand name, she wanted to make it very unique. Thus, she derived the brand name 'Mila' from her mother's name. What could be more special! Since then, she has produced over 2000 jewellery pieces in her collection. Her ready-to-wear lines of jewellery have been on sale at over 70 exhibitions and venues such as Takashimaya, Isetan, Fullerton, Sheraton Hotels as well as Creative Jewellery Studio’s online store.


Her style is mainly focusing on unique and one-of-a-kind designs using wire sculpting, weaving, and various professional stringing techniques. For many of her necklaces and bracelets in different collections, she had incorporated natural minerals such as Amethyst, Quartz, Jasper and organic materials such as Pearls and Amber. Sujata's inspiration sources are from her travels around the world. Her jewellery creations are proof of her creativity by integrating elements of the cultures she experiences.

Learn about Sujata's first step, Fashion Jewellery 1 Certificate

An instructor at JDMIS

A dedicated student and prolific practitioner of the Jewellery Arts, Sujata was invited to become a part-time instructor at JDMIS for Fashion Jewellery. She hopes to inspire the next generation of aspiring jewellery artists by tapping on her abundant experiences in ‘Thread and Wire’ jewellery fabrication techniques. She loves to convey to her students not only the importance of professional techniques but also a unique style and enthusiasm for the fashion world.

Sujata first started in Fashion Jewellery and later enrolled in Epic and Contemporary Trends, Silver Modelling and Metalsmithing programmes at JDMIS. Discover more about Sujata’s designs and achievements at her Facebook page or visit her store on Creative Jewellery Studio


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