About Metal Clay: Gold , Silver, Bronze & Copper

Metal Clays have revolutionized the jewellery-making process. These materials are initially as soft as clay. After they are fired, however, they become pieces of 99.9 % pure silver, 22 karat gold, bronze or copper. The speed and creative options presented by metal clay have captivated a large international following of both jewellery artists and industry professionals. JDMIS maintains an excellent relationship with the manufacturers of these amazing products and exclusively offers its students the most up-to-date techniques regarding their use.

The use of Metal Clay is both an art and a science, allowing students to focus on creative expression instead of outdated techniques and expensive tools. In all of our metal clay jewellery classes, students are given instructions and then, with the teacher’s advice and guidance, immediately begin to design and create.

Course outline

With experience comes the confidence to work with better quality materials. Master the combination of 22 karat gold into your designs, as well as how to fuse gold-leaf to silver designs to achieve an opulent look without the cost of solid gold. As well as working with the finest materials, mastery of metal clays requires expertise in creating moulds and patterns to produce consistent lines of precious metal jewellery. This programme consists of 6 directed projects and 1 final project and assessment over five days.

Moulds and Texture Creation

Moulds and Texture Creation

Gilded Silver Pendant

Gilded Silver Pendant

Silver and Gold Combination Techniques

Silver and Gold Combination Techniques

Multi-layered Quick-art Designs

Multi-layered Quick-art Designs

Paper-type Quilling Technique

Paper-type Quilling Technique


  • Tools & Materials

    Tools & Materials

    Like all JDMIS courses, students receive everything they need to complete all their coursework. This course includes all the tools and reference and jewellery fabrication materials needed in order to immediately start producing their very own pieces of jewellery.

  • Learning path

    Learning path


    This course offers a practical hands-on experience. At the end of the workshop, participants will have produced one or more pieces of jewellery.

    NM200 - New Metal Technology 2: Sculptural Design with Mixed Media

    Next Steps (Powder Metallurgy Specialisation):
    NM400 - New Metal Technology 4: Professional Powder Metallurgy Masterclass

    Next Steps (Complementary Metal Arts Specialisation):
    MS300 - Traditional Metalsmithing 3: Metalsmithing with Basic Stone settings

    Participants attending and completing this programme as a stand-alone certification can choose to enroll for the Precious Metal Arts Advanced Diploma.

  • Duration


    30 hours

    1 week (Full-time), or
    5 weeks (Part-time)

    JDMIS runs week-day, weekend and weeknight courses for this popular course. JDMIS also has flexible make-up schedules and graduates can return without cost for refresher courses (subject to availability).

  • Course fee

    Course fee

    SGD 2,600

    Course fee is inclusive of GST as well as all tools and materials provided during the course.

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