Whether you are a craftsman, a jewellery artist or gem collector, you can find application for Digitalisation in the various aspects of your work. If you are designing and making jewellery, even on a small scale, using CAD can cut your production costs dramatically, and is an excellent complement for traditional design skills.

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Create lifelike Renderings..
Create lifelike Renderings..
A freelance designer can impress his or her client and boost productivity tremendously with the ability to produce novel yet ultra-realistic images at high speed.

For business and brand owner, digital design allows them to produce stunning marketing images without the need to hire a star-photographer or even produce the piece!

..manufacture at fractions of the cost!
..manufacture at fractions of the cost!

Jewellery manufacturers can increase production efficiency and quality well beyond what was possible using traditional hand crafting.

The future of Jewellery Design is changing and there has never been a better time to invest in building your skills.

This course enjoys 50-70% SkillsFuture Funding for Singaporeans and PRs for a limited time!

This year's remaining schedules are in high demand!

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Who can say it better than our past graduates?

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    I am very happy that I took this course. Extremely practical, useful and definitely will help aspiring jewellery designers!

    - Jaime H. (Singapore)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    It's a great and useful course... The course content is very well curated.

    -Kai Jun E. (Singapore)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    The structure of the course materials was easy to follow. All the tools are relevant for the day to day CAD design.

    -Hannah A. (US)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    My favourite course! Didn't expect to learn digital design that easily, thanks to Alex's wonderful teaching.

    - Soi Mui (Singapore)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    The courses at JDMIS are short and sweet. They are designed to make you understand the subject in a short possible time. I will try to use the skills I've learned to design my own jewellery.

    - Khin K. (Singapore)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    I have gone to quite a few courses, this is the first time I meet a teacher with was so much patience. Thank you so much Tameem.

    - Chai Wee T. (Singapore)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    A wonderful course that gives the knowledge of designing jewels, more flexibility to the designer and creates the final output easily.

    - M. Sha (Sri Lanka)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Really appreciate the detailed course materials and demo sessions in class!

    - Michelle T. (Singapore)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    This course stimulated my aspiration and enhanced my design thinking. I'm planning to start a small jewellery business, so all I have learnt from this course is useful and applicable. Design thinking process is applicable to my current work too.

    - Nay W. (Singapore)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Highly effective structured lessons that allow you to pace your learning as comfortably as you wish it to be paced.

    - Dylan T. (Singapore)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    The course was challenging and intensive. The hands-on sessions in person definitely helped and the instruction sheets were self-explanatory. The videos were full of information but there were a lot of hours to go through so the in-person sessions definitely helped to gear us up to speed immediately. I will definitely continue to practice what I have learned as someone who has no exposure to the jewellery trade.

    - Christina M. (Singapore)

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