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Under the Workforce Singapore’s Adapt and Grow initiative, in collaboration with the Jewellery Design and Management International School (JDMIS), the Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for Jewellery Design & Marketing Professional is developed and rolled out to facilitate mid-career PMETs’ switch into the Jewellery industry.

Through the CCP, participants will receive job-matching support from JDMIS as well as training to equip jobseekers with necessary skills and competencies in jewellery design, marketing and merchandising so that they can embark on a new career in Jewellery sector.The five-month long CCP comprises of customised structured on-the-job training and 240 hours of facilitated classroom training.


Singapore-registered companies can connect directly with JDMIS to participate in this programme. Local employers receive 70%-90% training support and salary support for CCP candidates from WSG. Download Employer's brochure.


If you are interested to enter the programme as an employee entering the jewellery field, please submit your application through the WSG Portal.

The CCP for Jewellery Design & Marketing Professional consists of the following modules:

Jewellery Design Sketch
JD100 - Creative Drawing and Essential Jewellery Knowledge
Develop expert jewellery design sketching & draughting skills. Learn creative variation with tracing techniques, importance of major forms in jewellery, drawing of gems, common jewellery components & findings. Includes all tools & materials. 30 hours.
Expert jewellery design sketching & draughting skills
JD200 - Technical Drawing & Counter Sketching
Focus on accurate technical drawing in different views for manufacturers as well as fast counter sketching in front of customers. Estimate jewellery costs and develop practical jewellery design skills. Includes tools & materials. 30 hours [Requires JD100]
Fundamentals of Digital Jewellery Design Courses
DD100 - Fundamentals of Digital Jewellery Design (CAD)
Adopt industry-standard digital modelling tool Gemvision Matrix to create a wide range of fine jewellery with highly accurate gemstone settings, measurements and weights. Produce photo-realistic renderings as images for customers or portfolios. 30 Hours.
Intermediate 3D Modelling Blue Diamond Ring
DD200 - Intermediate 3D Modelling & Gem Settings
Extend 3D modelling skills to include a wide range of customised shapes and forms for rings, pendants, earrings and more. Expand your repertoire of popular gemstone setting styles. Render videos for customers. 30 Hours [Requires JD200]
Gems Micro Inspection
GT100 - Gem and Jewellery Trade Secrets
Discover the secrets of the jewellery trade: Learn gem origins & trade practices; handle an array of popular & lesser known gems available in today's markets. Understand valuation & comprehend the breath of this topic. Includes Tools & Materials 30 Hours
FT100 - Epic and Contemporary Trends
Explore significant periods in history that affected jewellery, gem & metal popularity. Take inspiration from the past to discover your favorite choices and identify how to combine your selections to produce your own unique style. 30 Hours.
The Collection of Jewellery
MK100 - Traditional & New Media Marketing
The marketing of jewellery has many unique challenges associated with conveying quality and trust as well as many cultural differences to overcome. Students understanding jewellery marketing learn first about marketing fundamentals and learn to interpret statistics, trends and customer research. With this information, successful and failed marketing attempts are analysed and key concepts extracted and framed in a manner beneficial to businesses of all sizes.
Ring Design Courses
ME100 - Storefront, Displays, Catalogues & Internet
Packaging, display and placement must be given as much thought and planning as the jewellery itself in order to effectively convey its quality and value. This class combines traditional visual merchandising concepts that apply to physical storefronts as well as branding concepts and catalogue and internet merchandising strategies. Students understand merchandising theory, performing thought experiments to place themselves in the consumer's frame of mind as they navigate a display.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require any experience to participate in this program?

No prior jewelry experience is required.

This CCP is intended for individuals from other industries to be able to enter into the jewelry industry and get a jump-start as productive team members.

You will be asked about your existing skills, because no employer is looking to hire just a ‘warm body’. They are looking to identify potential strong candidates that will likely shine when given a rare opportunity to enter our sparkling industry. Your background, your experience, and your enthusiasm for participating in our industry will make every bit of difference in terms of finding a great employer in this program.

What is the duration of the program?

The CCP will last 5 months.

During this time, you will spend approximately 2 days a week at school and three to four days a week working on the job with your employer. While you are on the job you will receive additional training as well as build experience with your employer's processes, customers and products.

By the end of the five month training program you will be ready to hit the ground running as a productive team member in a successful jewelry business.

What are the working days and working hours like?

This is not a question we can answer, since each employer has different expectations and requirements of their design and marketing professionals.

Since most jewellery companies involve aspects of retail, they will have activity every single day of the week including weekends and many operate “retail hours”. If you are involved in front-line activities such as merchandising and dealing with customers, then you should expect to have the flexibility to work within the hours that your employer needs you.

Generally, candidates should expect 5½ to 6 day work weeks, consisting of not more than 44 hours a week. Especially early on, employers will be looking for candidates to be flexible with their work schedules so as to be able to maximise their learning opportunities and exposure to our industry.

Will I get paid during the training program?

Yes, as part of the CCP arrangement, you will start employment with your new employer and will be paid from day one. Your employer understands that you will need some days of classroom training, but they will not deduct pay for the days that you are away from work to complete your classroom training.

Will I be required to serve a bond?

Your employer is investing heavily in your training and development.

The Singapore government, too, is investing heavily in your growth and entry into the jewellery industry.

You should expect your employer to request a one-year bond in order to help them have confidence in your commitment to this industry. If you have questions about your employer's requirements, we recommend you speak with potential employers directly.

Before you sign your employment contract if you would like to request our opinion on the requirements of you as an employee, we are happy to support PCP candidates with our advice and feedback. You may also reach out to the SkillsFuture Singapore Career Centers for their advice before you sign your employment contract.

How do I know if I have been selected to participate?

After your application through the CareersFuture portal, your resume will be available to potential employers within 1-2 working days. You will be asked to submit additional information to help employers better understand your motivations and select the right candidate. If you complete this information you will have a better chance of standing out to the potential employers.

This CCP is ongoing hence there isn't a specific time limit where you will know if you were selected to participate or not.

Employers are looking at candidate resumes each day and are reaching out to interview potential employees as and when employment opportunities arise within their organizations. The stronger your application, and personal statement, the more likely you are to receive interview requests from employers.

You will not receive a rejection notice until the close of the programme in 2021.

What can I do to make sure I get a good position within this CCP program?

There are several things you can do:

If you are not familiar with the jewellery industry, you should find out more about our industry! This will help you be prepared when you interview with potential employers. You can do this by attending some of JDMIS’ free webinars, by visiting the JDMIS YouTube page to learn more about designing and manufacturing and by monitor the activities and events that we run at the school so as to keep better connected to the jewelry industry.

Beyond the getting to know our industry before you start interviewing with your potential employers, you will also have to think carefully about your personal statements that are shared with the employers. These personal statements show your creativity and commitment to joining our unique industry. A compelling and relevant personal statement will engage your employer and ensure they are enthusiastic about having you join their team!

How do I apply?

You must begin by visiting the MyCareersFuture website:

This will start the process. We cannot accept applications from outside the MyCareerFuture portal.

What if I want to withdraw from the programme?

We cannot process verbal, email or sms request to withdraw from the programme. To remove your profile from our matching system, you will need to log into MySkillsFuture using your SingPass and update your status in the CCP programme to ‘Withdrawn’.

Troubleshooting Information: